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About Us


Our Mission

Since 1816, the purpose of the Women's Bible Society of New York has been to spread God's eternal Word to the people  of the City through public proclamation, teaching, and distribution of the Bible.


Our Work

We accomplish our mission through Grants, Camp Scholarships, Bible distribution, and events.


Our Vision

We desire to spread the gospel throughout New York City to all people groups.

Our History

Origins of the Women's Bible Society of New York


The Women’s Bible Society of New York is one of the oldest Christian organizations in continuous operation in the State of New York. The Society began in 1816 amid economic downturn and escalating immigration following the War of 1812. On Saturday, May 11, 1816, nearly 400 women met at City Hall, having founded The New York Female Auxiliary Bible Society. 

The earliest efforts of the New York Female Auxiliary Bible Society focused on visitation of the poor and the provision of Bibles. As the city expanded, it became impossible to accomplish the work solely by volunteers, and Bible Readers, an idea adapted from The London Bible Mission, were hired. 

Today, the Women’s Bible Society of New York continues its ministry of proclaiming and providing God’s timeless Word through the work of its camp scholarships, grants, and events. 

1816 - Four hundred women — sisters, wives, and mothers of the founders of American Bible Society — took on the distribution and teaching of the Bible as the New York Female Auxiliary Bible Society.

1830s - Churches began to aid in this effort in the city-wide gospel effort.

1861 - The first Bible Reader was hired. Records show that during the first two weeks more than 450 families were visited.

1861-65 - Bibles were given to soldiers during the Civil War.

1870s-1890s - An increased number of Bible Readers reached out to immigrants. One Bible Reader reported the distribution of scriptures in seventeen different languages in one month.

1877 - Incorporated as a women’s Bible society.

1900s - Support of Christian organizations expanded our reach to children, teens, college and international students, United Nations delegates, the hospitalized, Russian immigrants, and others.

1994 - Added public transit campaigns to share scripture and offer free Bibles, partnering with city churches.

2014 - Began suppyling Grants to New York based ministries.


Work of the WBS



In 2014 Women’s Bible Society began, in addition to its ongoing ministry of camp scholarships and Bible distribution, the funding of ministry grants to projects aligned with its mission. Last year we approved 10 grants, funding diverse projects throughout New York City, from youth after school programs in Harlem to a transitional homeless shelter  on the Lower East Side.

Our grant application cycle begins in late fall with an early January pre-application deadline. Ministry grant criteria are based on the following guidelines:

- Grant candidates must be classified as a non-church ministry partner with  501(c)(3) status

- Grant requests must not have any conflict of interest with any current Board members

- Grant requests must be made for defined, distinct projects 

- Grantee organizations' projects must align with the mission of the WBS of spreading God's eternal Word to the people of NYC through public proclamation, teaching, and distribution of the Bible

- Grant applications must be submitted by the deadlines set forth by the WBS Board to be considered

- Approved Grantees must submit a written evaluation of the project's progress by November of the year the funds are granted

- Grant funds are given for the 12 month calendar period beginning June and ending in June the following year



Although many of us do not think of a week at camp as the opportunity of a lifetime, for many New York City children, the ability to leave the city for a week away is the chance of a lifetime!

Every summer Women’s Bible Society helps children from New York City attend an unforgettable and often life-changing week at a Christian camp. This year we will provide scholarships for city youth to the following camps: Student Venture, FOCUS, Kids with a Promise (Mont Lawn Camp) and New Life of New York City (Lake Champion).

As you make your summer plans, we hope that you will consider partnering with us to give as many children an opportunity to explore, play, swim, study the Bible, and discover God in a setting outside their urban lives. It costs approximately $400 to underwrite one week at these quality Christian camps. To donate, click here.

Please consider sending one child to camp for a week – but certainly anything you are able to give will make a difference! Providing the financial support for these kids could be your opportunity of a lifetime. 

Bible Distribution


We offer Bibles primarily to New York City children who attend one of our sponsored camps: Student Venture, Mont Lawn Camp, FOCUS camp, and New Life. Bibles may be requested by contacting us at Please note that we do not ship Bibles overseas. 



There are no current events planned at this time.